October 18, 2009

Best Man

Posted in Bridal Party, odds&ends at 8:35 pm by molliecushingham

Best Man

Pre-wedding tasks

●    Plans the bachelor party, with help from groomsmen and close friends.

●    Attends tuxedo fittings with the groom and helps select his attire.

●    Rents or pays for his own tuxedo, and makes sure the groomsmen have theirs sized properly and picked up on time.

●    Attends the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

●    Spreads word to guest where the couple has a gift registry.

Day of tasks-before the ceremony

●    Makes sure the groom eats before the ceremony

●    Helps decorate the reception hall if needed.

●    Participates in any pre-ceremony photography sessions that have been scheduled

●    Helps groom get dressed.

●    Pays the officiant before the ceremony starts (the groom typically gives the best man a sealed envelope for this purpose)

●    Ensures the groom and groomsmen arrive at the ceremony location on time, usually a minimum of 45 minutes before scheduled start time.

Day of Tasks-during the ceremony

●    Holds the bride’s wedding ring until the ring exchange takes place.

●    Acts as a witness and signs the official marriage license.

Day of tasks-after the ceremony during the reception

●    Poses for photographs with the rest of the wedding party. Also helps round up relatives and other members of the wedding party for photos.

●    Stands at the receiving line, or mingles and greets guests while the bride and groom finish taking photographs.

●    Gives tips to the appropriate vendors, such as drivers, the caterer, band, etc. The bride and groom typically provide an envelope of small bills for this purpose sometime before the reception begins.

●    Often acts as the master of ceremonies for the reception, announcing events and introducing toasts. (Could also be done by dj or band)

●    Toast the bride and groom and gives a short speech.

●    Helps get the dance floor going.

●    Introduces guests to each other throughout the reception.

Post reception tasks

●    Arranges transportation for the bride and groom to get to the honeymoon suite or the airport.

●    Collects the groomsmen’s tuxes and returns them to the rental location, or ensures that each groomsmen do it himself.

●    Helps the maid of honor transport gifts to the newlywed’s home.

●    Helps clean up after the reception, if needed.


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