October 22, 2009

Maid of Honor

Posted in Bridal Party, odds&ends at 8:36 pm by molliecushingham

Maid of Honor

Pre-wedding tasks

●    Plans and organizes the wedding shower, usually with help from the bride’s mother and the bridesmaids. At the shower, keeps a list of who gives which gift so that thank you cards can be personalized.
●    Helps address envelopes, mail out invitations, and organize the guests’ RSVPs, especially if the guest list is large.
●    Spreads word to guests about where the couple has set up a registry.
●    plans the bachelorette party (usually with help from the bridesmaids) and gives a speech.
●    Helps organize the bridesmaids. Gives out friendly reminders to place dress orders, have alterations completed, and have shoes and accessories ready well before the wedding day. Makes sure everyone arrives on time and in good physical condition (no hangovers please) to all wedding-related events.
●    Helps assemble guest favors for the reception.
●    Attends dress fittings, and sometimes helps the bride shop for her gown.
●    Participates in the bridesmaid lunch, the ceremony rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner.
●    Day-of-tasks-before the ceremony
●    Attends pre-ceremony breakfast if one has been organized.
●    Helps decorate the reception hall if needed (sometimes happens the day before)
●    Attends hair and makeup appointments, and makes sure the bridesmaids are on time for theirs.
●    Helps the bride with her hair and makeup, and helps her get dressed
●    Makes sure the bride eats something before the ceremony.
●    Helps the bride pack for her honeymoon if she is planning to leave right after the ceremony.
●    Is the “keeper of the train”, before, during, and after the ceremony.

Day of tasks-during the ceremony
●    Holds the groom’s ring.
●    Hold’s the bride’s bouquet.
●    Acts as a legal witness and signs the marriage license.
●    Help’s round up relatives and other members of the wedding party for photos
●    Carries an “emergency kit” for the bride
●    Helps the bride bustle her dress before the ceremony starts.
●    Stands in the receiving line, or mingles and greets guests while the bride and groom finish taking photos
●    Acts as a runner for any last minute errands that pop up unexpectedly.
●    Directs guests towards the guest book, the gift table, and the washrooms.
●    Makes a toast or a short speech in honor of the bride and groom.
●    With help from the wedding party, decorates the getaway car.

Post-reception tasks
●    Helps clean up the reception, if needed
●    Takes the wedding gown for preservation if the bride leaves right away for the honeymoon.
●    Helps transport gifts to the newlywed’s home.
●    Helps address and organize thank-you cards if needed.


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