November 15, 2009

Save money on Your Wedding

Posted in budget at 7:50 pm by molliecushingham

Your wedding is the largest celebrations you will ever have. It gets expensive! There are some things you can do, and even leave out that no one will ever notice. Think about what is most important to you. These are the areas you don’t want to skimp on. If pictures are more important than food, then don’t go with a friend of the family to take pictures so you can have a 5 course meal. Once you have your wedding day priorities in line, pick and choose of this list to save a little money!

Hire a Planner: Most people don’t understand how hiring a planner can end up saving you money. Professional planners can negotiate discounts with vendors, and venues. They also can point you in the direction of reputable planners that fit your budget. At the end of it all, you will have saved what it cost you to hire the planner, and ended up with a better wedding because of it. Not to mention a lot less stress!

Flowers: Choose blossoms that are in season and local! Talk to your florists about the look you are going for. some flowers are much cheaper than others and can be used as fillers.

Programs: More and more couples are opting out of using programs all together. Especially if it’s a short, basic ceremony. If you are not having readings, or someone singing a song, or reading a poem, there is not much to follow along with.
If you decide you would like programs, consider making half the amount. Give one to every couple, and skip small children.

Alcohol: If you are on a tight budget, this one adds up quickly! Consider ruling out liquors, and just having wine and beer. Also, you could add in a “signature cocktail”.

Don’t get married on Saturday: If you choose to get married on an “off day” many vendors and venues will offer a discounted rate. Just make sure you choose a day when everyone you must have there can make it.

Don’t get married in the spring!: Again, many vendors and venues offer discounts if it is not wedding season!

Limit the Guest List: Take a look at your guest list. Who is on there you have not spoken to in 10 years? Look at what it is costing you per guest for the wedding. By the time you pay for their invitation, food, place setting, favor, thank you card, etc. you could easily be up to $75 a person. If you find yourself over budget and it’s near the end of your planning, you will have to edit the guest list. The best way to narrow down a guest list is to remove people in categories. For example, decide no children, or no people from work, etc. This will keep people from feeling left out. It’s hard for some one at work to feel left out if no one else from work was invited either. Another option is to eliminate “and guests”. If someone is single, you do not need to include “and guest” on their invitation. It’s a nice gesture, but its a great place to start cutting the list.

Photography: This is really the exception. At the end of your fairy tale day, all you have left is the pictures. You don’t want to look back on your wedding pictures and not have memories b/c you allowed a friend to be your photographer. Meet with professional photographers and be honest about your budget. Many photographers can work with your budget, or make a payment plan over the course of the next year.


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