November 25, 2009

Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

Posted in budget, odds&ends at 7:24 pm by molliecushingham

Something Blue Weddings is all about bringing wedding traditions and modern trends together. However, some of the wedding traditions people feel the need to do just don’t make since anymore. There are some you can totally leave out, and no one will miss! It’s your big day, celebrate in a way completely unique to you!

Tradition 1: the receiving line
Is it really worth standing in line for 45 minutes to say hello to the happy couple for 5 seconds? Skip the receiving line, allowing more time for other activities. Instead, at dinner be sure to take time to visit each table and say hello and thank them for coming.

Tradition 2: Head Table on Stage
While it is nice to have a table just for the bridal party, does it really need to be elevated, or at the front of the room? It’s fine to do it this way, but consider this option: put the “head table” in the center of the reception. This way all of your guests feel included, and can easily come say hello. If you do it correctly, you can still set the table apart, or make it the center of attention. It’s all about decor!

Tradition 3: Champagne Toasts
Toasts are a wonderful wedding tradition and one I love to see. Champagne toasts, however, are expensive and a little unnecessary. Not many people enjoy champagne, and you often end up with quite a few half full glasses at the end. Have people toast with whatever drink is in their hand.


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