December 19, 2009

Bridesmaids…thank me later!

Posted in Bridal Party at 1:32 am by molliecushingham

I’m getting a lot of questions about bridesmaids dresses lately. Here is the good news: the cookie cutter bridesmaid look is over! The down side: if you take it too far it can make your wedding party look uncoordinated. Here are my tips for finding the balance:
-Pick one thing to make common with the dresses. If you choose different styles, keep the fabric the same. If you choose different colors, make the style the same.
brdiesmaids-I have heard of brides allowing their bridesmaids to go find any dress they like in a certain color. Be careful with this one! It’s a great idea to let them wear a style they love, but there are parameters. Make sure whatever style they choose matches the style of your wedding. You don’t want to have a 6 o’clock wedding and have your bridesmaids wearing a sundress.

I fell in love with these bridesmaids dresses from J Crew! They come in styles for any wedding, and a variety of colors. They are also super easy to wear again with a cardigan and fun jewelry!


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