January 19, 2012

Before You Register

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I don’t know about you, but when I go into somewhere like Bed, Bath, and Beyond – I get overwhelmed by all the cool stuff promising to make my life in the kitchen easier.  When I went to register for our wedding gifts, I was in shopping heaven!

I scanned any cool/convenient sounding gadget I saw.  We got a few of the gadgets I’d registered for.  Some I love – others ended up in the trash.

So when I saw an article today touting the “must-haves” and “duds” of kitchen gadgets – I had to pass it along!

Consumer Reports actually did the survey by asking its facebook users what gadgets they use then testing them out.  Here are their top pics.

Oxo Good Grips garlic press


Oxo Good Grips box grater


Oxo’s magnetic locking can opener


Kyocera ceramic peeler


Better Blade ZestNest


Now here are the “duds.”

Joseph 3-in-1 Design Rotary Peeler


Chef’n Garlic Zoom XL


KitchenAid’s Cup Grater (I actually had something similar to this and didn’t like it.  It was really hard to use.)


If you want to read the Consumer Reports article – here’s the link – http://news.consumerreports.org/appliances/2012/01/three-kitchen-gadgets-to-avoid.html

My best advice for finding out what to register for – talk to your recently married friends/family members.  There are all kinds of new tools out – so they’ll have the most up to date knowledge of what’s out there and what works.

Registering can be overwhelming if you don’t have an idea of what you need and want before you walk in the door.  Even with a plan it can take hours – so wear comfortable shoes!

Happy Registering!!!


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