February 16, 2012

Children and Weddings

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This is always a pretty sensitive subject!

What do you do about children at your wedding?

You don’t want them running crazy during the reception, making other guests have a bad time.  You don’t want them to get bored, and some couples, even parents, don’t want kids at a reception where there’s an open bar.  But – you want your friends with kids to be able to come to the wedding, so – what to do?!

Depending on where you have your reception, this is a good idea.  I had a bride recently who actually booked a hotel room specifically for the kids.  You could even use a hotel room you booked earlier in the day for say the girls/guys to get ready in and not have to book anything extra.

She had a babysitter she knew come to watch them.  If you choose to do something like this – just make sure the room is stocked with video games, movies, board games, coloring books, etc.  The bride I worked with also ordered a bunch of pizzas for the kids to have for dinner – so she didn’t have to factor them into the cost of the reception’s sit down meal.

If you want them at the reception with everyone, one option is to create a “children’s table.”  You can kind of set it aside a little, put colorful markings on the chairs – balloons are a good example, and have all kinds of kid crafts/busy items on the table – almost like at a restaurant.  You could even do fun packets for their place settings/favors.  Include things like coloring books, crayons, puzzles, activity books – all things you can pick up at a dollar store for CHEAP.  

I would make sure the DJ plays some fun – kid friendly – music too, and make a point to get all the kids out on the dance floor.  They love getting to dance and party with the adults, and it will make them feel included.

Either solution keeps the kids all together so they can make friends and have fun! 


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