December 4, 2012

Once You’re Engaged….

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It’s the holiday season – which typically means a LOT of proposals.  So CONGRATULATIONS! to any newly engaged couples out there 🙂

It’s a very exciting time – but it can also make your head spin.  There’s so much that starts to happen the second he puts the ring on your finger.  I found a cute article on about things no one tells you about getting engaged.  I didn’t find all of them to be the case – so I’m paraphrasing a few of my favorites.  I’ll paste the link to the full article at the end if you want to read the rest.

Here’s the advice/warnings!

1.  You’ll have to tell your engagement story a million times!  It’s one of the first questions people ask – so how did he do it?  An easy way to cut down on the number of times you’ll have to tell it – is put that information on your wedding website.  Then you can send out an email letting everyone know about the website – and they can read all the fun details.

2. The second question people will ask – so when is the wedding?  It doesn’t matter if you just got engaged yesterday – it’s almost like everyone expects you to have the when and where set up immediately!  It can get frustrating – but don’t let it.  Just tell them you’re working on the details – and will let them know as soon as it’s figured out.  Another thing to say is that you’re just enjoying being engaged right now.

3. Expect to get LOTS of advice!  Everyone will want to coach you on what to do for the wedding – from the time of year to set a date to whether you should let kids attend.   Listen to them – then make a decision about what works best for you.  Remember, most of the advice is coming from personal experience, so there can be great value to it.

4.  Finally – you’ll most likely have a hard time waiting to do any wedding planning.  You’ll want to set the date, find a location and other vendors ASAP.  Even if you do all that – remember to enjoy being engaged!!!  This is the one and only time you’ll be a Bride-to-Be.  It’s tons of fun – if you give yourself time to breathe and enjoy the experience.


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